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Haiku D'etat Haiku D'etat


It's not a problem that I can't fix

'cause I can do it with my bag of tricks

they're playing for keeps and for kicks

but they're building with popsicle sticks instead of bricks
the time ticks, the atmosphere gets thick

I breathe in, it makes me sick to my stomach

if you got any kind of fix I want it

sometimes I think the attic's haunted

but it's not, it's just me

so I keep strutting and keep pushing my buttons

but I'm not about to be pushed over the edge

I made this pledge

not by you, my brother or by Sister Sledge

now I know that I'm not your boss

and I'm not trying to floss or come across lost

I wipe the frost until the glass is clear

and I exhaust the possibilities of showing fear

'cause the bigger the scare, the heavier the tear

and the wetter the drop and then you flood the crops

and we just don't want to be flooded

we cut it when we can't cut it we strutted we stay budded up

we keep it up and cut it up until we gotta shut up

Chorus (x2):

Haiku De Tat, make my music for the people who wanna get down

Abstract Rude:

It ain't a lunch time I like to miss

I ain't a punch line type lyricist

and if you had beef you'd fight with your fists

my people suffer from lack of knowledge and righteousness

streets so wild we developed a frown

and a keen sense for knowing when it's going down

play it cool

say some shit that surprise me, my face don't change

serious 'bout them chips like a poker game

I come frequently like these Oakland trains

I freestyled it in a show and never wrote it the same

Aaron Pointer came to reign and say something

Eddie Hayes stays a little ways from me

the west side combination is legendary

home studios, cause by any means necessary

completed projects is my productivity

gimme food smoke and electricity

and if the power is ever cut off

I got a generator up in the loft

to stay energized, my music finds a way

to survive through the times and with the kinds today

L.A., what a wild place to be

styles by Ab, Mike Troy, and A.C.E.


Mikah 9:

Indeed, indeed, Haiku De Tat what we could do witcha'

men at peace for y'all to call entities

quicker on the draw the sickest thing that you ever saw

so for all our trees grow and grows in my backyard

remember me, sometimes I like to act hard

that's just it, it's an act but don't confuse that

if you choose to chit chat with a mack fully packed

you're bruised, black, blue and blurple

you'd never get a chance to bust back

I don't have to be rappin' or dancin' in a circle

to make the people react

I could be enjoying the b-boying

I'm already on the map and made my money living fat

no need to profile and flash stacks

I'm way past that

Master Card and a little cash for snacks

munchies, after partaking from breaking nugs

down out of fat bud stash stacks

ahh, I do my floor work on linoleum

exploring the crevices of my woman's ass crack

I rhymin' in the SF studio on Napoleon

and I really love this jazz track

I'm running game now I'mma win

I'm on my last lap

you wanna dance with me?

fast tap chance jacking for ASCAPs, checks, advance

and that's wack, I mash back


May 25, 2009 by Darius

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