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Haiku D'etat Still Rappin'


"You know when the day comes I'll still be rappin'

You know when the night comes we'll still be rappin'

Way back in the past days people were rappin'

Way up to the last day's we'll still be rappin'"
[Abstract Rude]

Underground news updates on the hour,

they come around the crew I see the great rhyme power

freestyle, Improv, Impromptu,

bob your head to feel the rhythm so bomb you

want to dance we let the mic change hands

like a hot potato our attraction to hip hop is fatal

we're connoisseurs on tours in a Winnebago

lick shots for my spots in Diego


We came up learned those ways living in a time

when raps and shows paid trifling days everybody

got to eat but we all need food for thought

caught up in a real live struggle to the grave

some are just sick cause they wanna' be saved

by the preacher man but

I'm ah reach you men open them up way back when

African we was still rappin and beating on skins

what the people say gotta' shed a little bit of light

my insides is a beauty that is way beyond comparison

and I just wanna share it all with you


[Mikah 9]

Let your mind be free let your heart and your soul

Just grow and let your life succeed as you wind on down the road

and let it be open your eyes so you see

open up your ears and what appears it's something true and clear

and I hear transprojection is love metaphysically here it is

I'll keep it in my soul, so I will show no fear were transmitted

I'm loud and clear as for those who see the light

behind the rhymes of Mikah 9 they know the time

And I see you and you make it through some of you don't hear me

All I can say is it's all love and that's the way it gotta be

Must we rob, rape, and murder one another for eternity?

As concerned to me

I would much rather we try to help each other

Allthe way down the road but almost every time I turn around

I hear the sound of bullet rounds fly through air

I'm well aware we're not prepared to

have conversation with celestial anatomy

of Hereon and day by day we study in astronomy

and converse in astrology and Hereon

Live my days so let's partake so let's all take flight

We used to love light to guide your way through fright

and all of those spy satellites

It's called love, my friend

I must transcend on wish and waggle will

and this is where my story ends


May 25, 2009 by Darius

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