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Justin Timberlake For Britney

(To the tune of She'll Never Be Me)

Brit what is this I see,
Trying to get up on me,

Flirting with whoever you see,
You tell me how can this be,
Do they know I was the one,
Who's now number 1,
But you don't want to listen to it.
And you think you can find
Someone with an ego as big as you
And you ask yourself why
Does everyone now blame you
And you can't deny
That you're the stupid bitch
Who broke my heart
Tore me apart
While Madonna eats you up inside

You know I'm one of a kind
There'll never be another me
Can't get me out of your mind
You're lost in your own fantasy
And when you look in his eyes
Is it hard or don't you realize
He just wants your money

May 25, 2009 by Darius

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