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Naked N' Happy Desperate

So desperate, you were dying all alone.
I found an injured kitten far away from home.
Hurt since nature asked him to do it right,
You've never had the choice, chasing anuntouchable light.
You went out for a walk, was it a week?
I wonder how this lifeturn someone this mean?
You kept us apart, I really tried to understand...
When human pride took over, you refused my hand.
Dance again whit me

I've looked back so many times before today,
I remember how words were easier to say.
When it blew up, you went through so much frustrations.
Look at the result, so much hate, self isolation.
I cannot believe the way you let yourself sink.
It broke me down.
Will we ever escape from yesterday?

Lying on the floor, I try to dreamabout the nights we spent laughing,
Oh! I had no doubt.
But you broke it up, you even denied your lies.
Oh! the way you stroke me when you said you didn't mind.
Was it just another stage of life?

May 25, 2009 by Darius

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