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Naked N' Happy Without Bombs

Sitting alone, a big haze runs in my eyes.
The clock seems to laugh, laugh at me.
So far from this mindless brainwashing.
I'd rather be somewhere else with someone else.

I'm tired of this boring routine,
I'd like to grab my life.
To show the whole world I'm standing here tons of idea on my mind.
But I'm stuck inside, hearing your crap,
I'm sheltered from your attack.
Why can't you see?

Look at me, I'm standing here not alone.
Trying to change the world.
Talking without bombs.
Please hear me, I'm screaming loud to belong.
Look at me.

I tried to figure out what fucked up humanity.
And then I focused on some better solutions.
Whining about your situation won't get you nowhere.
It's never too late to change, so start over.

May 25, 2009 by Darius

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