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Naked N' Happy We Strongly Failed

2, 3, core... Still yesterday, things were easier to support.
Our skin is burning; It's time to pay.
There's no escape, no goddamn door.
I'm staring at the fucking machine.
And I wonder how we've gotten here.
Oh! we strongly failed!

I've dreamed about it so many times before.
Greener grass, breathable air.
But flowers still grow on macadam.
Take a good look at this place.
We strongly failed, what a disgrace (What a shame).
Won't ever see a goddamn tree.
Oxygen masks, I'd rather die.

Still yesterday, I wasn't scare of tomorrow.
But while buildings fill the sky,
Monoxyde stinks just like our sorrow.
I asked my mom "Who should we blame?"
Corporate crap like McDonald's?
But when she threw her cup to the ground,
I understood it was our fault.

I know someday,
This world's gonna end.
But we're too rushed by our jobs to see.
It's so close to happening.

May 25, 2009 by Darius

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