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Naked N' Happy Turn It Off

Something strange got me out of bed today.
Wanted to check out the news to have something cool to say.
They found the missing link, Bill really did it.
Oh what a big deal, yeah who cares anyway.
I switched to channel 4 so I'll be saved.
Little Billy again, he's trying hard to save his rep.
"We're under attack, we must protect our country",
Hey, is it me or does my TV try to cheat me?
Let's turn the TV off.

The media think they locked me up.
Their common goal is to fill my head,
They really piss me off.
We're surrounded by those needmakers.
"So if I get the new Nikes, will I kick your ass harder?"
You've got to eat what they want you to.
We're misguided in a P.C. truth.
It's time to react, yeah, give'em the boot.
Let's point the blame, you still can choose

May 25, 2009 by Darius

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