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Naked N' Happy At The Red Light

Waiting at the red light,
I bite my lips and hold on tight.
My scream's so loud, but can you hear tears in a crowd?
Oh please Mary; don't ask me up you're killing me.
The night's so bright and your smile's still fine (divine).
She used to be such a quiet, such a lovely girl.
A crook for father, he robbed her soul and broke her down.
One of those crazy motherfuckers who loves to tear you up.
He never got caught cause sometimes, he had to stop.
Once in a while, old Mary really thought it was over,
Untill that day she left on the arm of her pretend lover...

She cries everyday while blasting her old DK record,
But her mind still converges on being a Broadway star.
She gets back to work, ashamed, no self-esteem left out.
The bills must get paid and the rats have been waiting for so long.
Addicted since twelve, ingenuous, she has been mystified all the way.
By a pink limousine, everlasting love, an american dream

May 25, 2009 by Darius

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